RC Supply List 21-22

Rachel Carson School Supply List 2021-2022



Below you will find the supplies that your child needs to have for the school year. Please consider, when buying, the amount of packaging and plastic you are using. We can’t avoid all of it, but we can work at it.

There are three sections:

1. Individual Use: standard school supplies. Shop at home first. Most of these items you probably already have. Please reuse and buy items with the least amount of packaging if possible.

2. Field Work: These items will be needed on site visit days. Resale shops are a good place to find these items. Students will be told specifically what to bring on each site visit.

3. Community Use: These items will be used by all students. If you are unable to get any of these items, please contact Rebecca Hall at

FOR INDIVIDUAL STUDENT USE/ALL STUDENTS NEED THESE: many of these can be reused from prior years!

  • One sturdy three ring binder - 2 inches or larger will work. (file folder systems can be IN the binder, but will NOT be used)
  • Pencil pouch that clicks into your binder
  • One set of dividers (4 core classes, I.S., elective, and PE/Health tabs)
  • Pencils - many: please plan to purchase more as the year progresses
  • Whiteboard markers - thinner ones are easier to fit into the pencil pouch - 2 colors
  • Glue stick Ruler
  • Handheld pencil sharpener with shaving collector for colored pencils
  • Earbuds – that will work with the chromebook
  • Colored pencils Calculator (scientific not graphing)
  • Lined paper (wide or college ruled)
  • Scissors
  • Highlighters- 4 - yellow, pink, orange, blue. These colors are required. Please get thinner ones so they fit in your pencil pouch.
  • Three spiral notebooks: 70+ pages, no dividers (please no glue-bound): One for Science (can use the one from last year if there is room), One for IS (can use the one from last year if there is room), One for Social Studies One - 200/250 page spiral notebook with dividers for Language Arts journal (returning students may use theirs from Humanities from last year if there is room)
  • Spiral Bound Quad ruled notebook ~ 80/100 pages (Five Star is recommended; please no glue-bound or easy tear-out -- for 6&7th grade math
  • Loose leaf quad paper - for 8th math
  • 1 inch 3-ring binder - for 8th math
  • Compass and protractor - for 8th math
  • The novel Crossing the Wire by Will Hobbs The novel Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis Masks
  • Paper calendar for assignments (Optional); the district is moving to all electronic agendas on chromebooks - through Canvas One backpack for school

Please set your binder up in the following way BEFORE SEPTEMBER 8. Bring your binder on September 8 (6th grade only) or September 9 (7th and 8th graders).

In the pencil pouch: 3 pencils, 4 highlighters, calculator, pencil sharpener, one whiteboard marker, a pair of scissors, earbuds

In your binder: pencil pouch Dividers: 1 for each class: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, IS, Elective or Band Lined paper in the back of the binder

FOR FIELD WORK: (On site visit days, students are expected to wear long pants and be prepared with required materials. Specific requirements are given the day before the site visit.)

If you have field gear that you no longer use, please consider donating it to RC. We can share it with current students.

*****some students find it useful to use a separate backpack for site visits (no backpacks with wheels)*****

If you are unable to collect any of these items, please contact Rebecca Hall at

  • Leather gloves or leather palmed gloves for field work like removing blackberries
  • Rain gear: both pants and jacket
  • Reusable lunch box
  • Shoes appropriate for hiking - preferably waterproof
  • Reusable water bottle - no glass - CLEARLY LABELED with student name
  • Clipboard
  • Mask(s)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A handkerchief or cloth napkin to spread out to eat lunch on
  • Warm hat and gloves


◻ 6th graders bring – 3 glue sticks

◻ 7th graders bring – 2 boxes of tissues

◻ 8th graders bring – 2 containers of Lysol Wipes