Informational Flier

“Where students learn, connect to their community, and solve problems both independently and together.”

Unique aspects of Rachel Carson:

  • Multi-age classrooms: science and humanities classes include 6,7,8 graders mixed together;  math has 6 & 7 together for two years while all 8th graders take AGS.

  • Approximately 180 students and six core teachers learn, grow, and work together, but are also divided into two ‘teams’ for core classes.

  • Students stay with the same three team teachers throughout the middle school experience

  • Integrated Studies is a grade level class where students stay with that teacher for three years. The content of this class includes site visit prep and assignments as well as literacy, organization, and leadership. 

  • Site Visits are a key component of Rachel Carson. About three times per month students attend a site visit, usually off campus, where they learn about their community, participate in service learning activities, and connect with others who share interests in environmental science and solving problems. Assignments are attached to site visits. (These are not your typical ‘field trips’)

  • The curriculum follows the state and national standards, but is arranged in a three year rotation under these themes: Systems, Change, and Sustainability. 

  • Work at Rachel Carson is often done in groups. Students are constantly sharing ideas, answers, and questions with their peers.


Rachel Carson Environmental Middle School is housed at Five Oaks Middle School.  We are located at 1600 NW 173rd Avenue.  This allows us to access more teachers to provide our students with a “typical” middle school experience.  P.E. and Encore classes such as Art, Drama, Band, Technology, and Spanish are offered this school year. Students attend those classes outside of the core RC teachers. Sometimes those classes are only RC students and sometimes students are in classes with FO students.  We also have two counselors and a SPED teacher to work with students as needed.


What type of student is a good fit for Rachel Carson? Students who...

  • Work with others.
  • Work for others.
  • Will work hard.
  • Enjoy learning, especially science.
  • Like to work outside - even in the rain, heat, snow, and wind.
  • Are willing to work to meet high expectations.


We have 64 sixth grade spots for the 2021-22 school year.  Half of those spots will be filled through the lottery and half through Second Consideration.  Second Consideration dates are TBD and the process will look differently this year.


Please contact Tammy Schrader at or Rebecca Hall at if you have any questions.