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August 2022

Dear Cedar Park Students and Families,

Hello. I hope you’ve had a relaxing and enjoyable summer. I am excited to be starting a new school year and my fourth year as Principal of Cedar Park Middle School - THE best middle school in Beaverton. I look forward to meeting all our new families and seeing our returning families at the many school events throughout the year, including our BTSN, TBD

Students, schools and the entire educational system are more successful when we work as a team. I look forward to partnering with parents and families to help all our students find their passions and be excited about their learning. To support that growing partnership, I invite you all to get involved with our Parent Teacher Council (PTC) this year. We have a great group of parent leaders that are dedicated to listening to your needs and ideas, and really want your involvement. I think we have one of the best, most involved PTC at the middle level; our school success is due in large part to our community’s support. We are engaged together to make Cedar Park a welcoming, inclusive place for all parents and families. There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the year, and there is something that will interest everyone. It’s important to me that parents feel connected with the school. The meetings will be scheduled first semester on Mondays and will fall on dates that relate to the topic of discussion for that month; we meet in the Cedar Park library. Our first meeting for the year is a Meet & Greet and is scheduled for   The PTC publishes a monthly newsletter that will include upcoming volunteer dates, so please consider giving your time.

In addition to our continuing efforts to build a positive, supportive school culture, especially student culture, we will be focusing on supporting social, emotional learning (SEL). Cedar Park is a wonderful school with a long, rich tradition of academic excellence and high expectations; our performance on SBAC and other assessments continues to show awesome growth. And, our data (qualitative and quantitative) tells us that the student culture has improved with our efforts last year, but good isn’t good enough when talking about our kids’ education.

We will reinforce what it means to have PACK PRIDE and be responsible, global citizens. In an effort to address this need and improve student school culture, we will be implementing/enhancing the following programs/approaches:

● A 40 minute weekly advisory course with dedicated, focused school culture lessons each week

● Revamped Principal Advisory Committee

● Increased student participation on Student Leadership group and opportunities for community service

● Clear expectations for hallway, cafeteria and bus behavior

● Revamped and increased recognition for positive student behavior

● Increased student supervision and support in the halls and throughout the campus

● A focus on teaching academic communication and strong collaboration in the classroom


Every teacher will have a single grade level advisory class that will stay with them for their entire time at Cedar Park. Their advisory teacher may or may not be one if their academic teachers, which gives students another adult with whom to build a strong relationship.

Finally, I hope you will engage with us on social media and follow all the wonderful things going on at school each day. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @DrShanAnderson; you can follow our school sites @CedarParkBSD and @CedarParkMS. I hope you enjoy following the journey, and feel free to share and tag your moments with #cedarparkpride


School-to-Home Communication

We primarily use a digital platform to communicate school-wide information with families this year. Information, including monthly newsletters and special events, will be delivered via email. It is important that you notify the office if you change your email address

PE Shirts

This year we will not require special P.E. tshirts   P.E. will occur everyday so please be aware of appropriate attire.


Enrollment Verification

BSD parents and guardians must verify their child(ren)'s enrollment information through the Online Registration system or ParentVUE. Verification of enrollments can now be completed online each year, which will help the district and school save money and resources. Computer kiosks will be available for use at Wolf Day on August 24th. We encourage parent(s)/guardian(s) to complete enrollment verification online at home if possible. 

Student/Family Handbook Review - The Formal Acknowledgement of Student & Family Handbook Review is part of the enrollment verification process. After reviewing the Student/Family Handbook (SFH), within the online enrollment verification process, you may check that you and your child have read the handbook.

Accessing ParentVUE/Online Registration - BSD parents/guardians can log on to their ParentVUE account and click on Messages to access the verification screens. Parent/guardians who need to create their ParentVUE account will need to obtain an activation key code by contacting the school.

Families who have not signed up for ParentVue will not have access to many of our links and features, like online payment. The enrollment and authentication process for ParentVue takes about 24 hours to complete.